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Who Am I?



Here is some basic information about me..... just in case you were wondering.

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My name: Cheri (pronounced: 'shu-ree' )
Middle name: Michelle
Home State: Texas
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'4
Weight: wouldn't you like to know .. not really .. 135 (honest!!)
Age: 35
Children: 3; Michael 12, Hannah 8, and Matthew 3.
Occupation: Travel Agent

Hobbies: The Internet!! (of course) , MUSIC, Snowmobiling, Tubing, Basketball, Golf
Favorite thing in the world: MUSIC , music can make you laugh, cry, happy, feel compassion, angry,etc... I love that!!
Favorite all time song: Keeping Watch For You (Margaret Becker)
Favorite singer of all time: Karen Carpenter
Runner up Favorite singer: Keith Green
Favorite groups of all time: Carpenters and Fleetwood Mac

Favorite Color: Burgandy
Favorite color combo: Burgandy/Forest Green
Favorite image: angels, especially cherubs
Favorite thing to wear: Jeans & T shirt
Best friend: Traci T. ( I love you lots !! )
Favorite food: Chocolate anything
Favorite TV Show: Ally McBeal

E-mail me if you want me to put anything else on here!!

The other half of this charm belongs to my best friend Traci.

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