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Getting Started


Well, for starters, you can find a place to build your homepage. You can use one you have already set up. (however I do not recommend AOL because they put so many limitations on you) Or, you can set up a whole new one. Here are some locations that will give you free homepages: (these 2 make it easy for you to upload images and things) (hard to load images)
I use tripod because they are easy and they give you lots of "space" 5mb where most only give you 2. I do have some on freeyellow though. That's where I started.

Next, you need graphics. You can do 'quickpages' using tripod or freeyellow graphics and to make your page just do alot of pointing and clicking, or you can be more creative and customize your pages. You can browse the net for some neat graphics. I have some buttons on my homepage and my 'adopt a prayer' page of the places where I got my graphics if you like those, or you can just browse and choose. There are tons of places to find graphics. If you're at someone's site and you like a graphic and it's legal to take it (meaning not copyrighted, or where they ask you not to) then just right-click on the image and 'save as'(mac users 'click n drag' to 'save image as') , then you go to tripod homepage housekeeper (or whichever you use) and choose to "upload" files. To upload, click the browse button, choose hard drive or wherever you put your images (I put mine on my hard drive in a file i named 'gif') then find the image, click open and it will pop in there. Then click 'upload'.

Then there is the text part. This is a little tricky at first but becomes very simple very quickly. There are lots of tutorials out there for html. Here is a place that has lots of tutorial links that will help you out:

Well, this is a definite starting point for you. You have tons more on this page than I had starting out (which was nothing). Believe it or not this is very fun!!!

Also, If you are on someone's site and there is something really neat they've done on it, and you say "how on earth did they do that?" An easy way to find out is to click on 'view' at the very top of your screen and then click on 'page source' or 'document source' (whichever you have). This will give you the html code for the entire page!! You can see exactly what they did to achieve that neat idea. Then print it out so you can have a map to do something similar on yours. (neat huh?)

I know you're gonna have questions, so I'll give you this for now and when you run into something you can't figure out, just mail me. A good thing to do is print out the html tutorial that you like so you can have a reference handy at all times and won't be going back and forth.
Good luck!!!


Very special thanks to my friend 'Tobi' for all the help and advice while I was getting started.



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