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If I Found A Four Leaf Clover...
shamrock rule

by: M.A.S. 1998

shamrock rule

If I found a four leaf clover I would put it back because I dont have any wishes. I've got all I need. I have the best room ever! with a desk, a closet, a TV, Nintendo, clubhouse, coumputter and two beds. I have two boxes of cereal. I have a pocket knife. I even have a flashlight. Well its realy my dads and mine. I have a drawer full of tons of cars! I have 5 batmen and 1 joker! I sleep really close to the roof! I have glasses, cloths, socks and shoes. I have a house. I have a liveing room and a bed room! I have toys. I have candy. I have a school to go to. I have a mom. I have a Dad. I have a sister I have a brother. So if I found a four leaf clover I would put it back.

shamrock rule


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